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Yamaha Launch P-121 Digital Piano

Yamaha's new P-121 is a compact digital piano available in black and white. It has 73 graded hammer keys that give you an authentic playing experience.

Compact design, realistic feel and sound

Most people know what a grand piano looks like, but far fewer have ever had the chance to play one. Those who have know just how it feels and sounds. The biggest problem with a grand piano, however, is its size. That's where Yamaha's P-121 digital piano comes in. It has a compact design and graded hammer keys that are heavier lower down and lighter higher up making it feel just like you're playing an acoustic piano. There are 24 highly-realistic sounds including Yamaha's CF III grand piano on board as well as 20 accompaniment styles that cover genres like rock, pop, jazz and latin. A base and a pedal unit are available for purchase separately.

P-121: other features

The P-121 has layer, split and dual modes and effects include reverb, damper resonance, sound boost and Intelligent Acoustic Control. The speaker system has been designed to give you a realistic sound experience and the table EQ optimises the sound when the P-121 is placed on a flat surface like a table.

The P-121 is expected to be available for delivery in October 2018.

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