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White on Black with the Rane Twelve DJ Turntable

The introduction of the Rane Twelve earlier this year caused quite a commotion in the DJ world, and the brand is clearly not finished with their innovative controller/turntable developments. The first version was completely black, but Rane have now equipped it with a white acrylic platter, which is not only an optical improvement, it sounds better too!

White on black

According to Rane , the Twelve's white control disc is not only pure eye candy, it's also made of a material that provides better grip for a more consistent slip that make even the most advanced scratch moves a breeze to execute. The platter is designed to withstand warping and it has a clear black marker that functions as a visual tonearm. Another great feature is that unless you've just been working under the bonnet of your car, your fingerprints won't show up on this pristine white platter!

The Rane Twelve turntable with white platter is available as of July 2018, but if you order the turntable today, you may receive the original black model, which is soon to be a collector’s item!

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