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There's No Place Like Home with the Bose S1 Pro

In these times, it's not always that fun for more seasoned musicians to just sit alone at home. Since bookings involving a nice big PA system and a roaring crowd are still out of the question, Bose have kindly stepped in to lend a helping hand!

There's No Place Like Home!

Boss insist that, with a little imagination, you can not only have great sound, but you can create the same feeling you'd get at a real gig, all from your own home and without the need for massive trusses or ridiculously big sound systems and stages. With a simple yet incredibly effective portable PA system like the Bose S1 Pro, you're able to create all the live sound and feel you'd ever want.

The Bose S1 Pro comes with its own catchphrase: 'Ready to perform anywhere, any time!' And it means it. Loaded with a Tonematch processor, Bluetooth functionality, a 3-channel mixer, and built-in reverb, it really does offer every thing you're ever going to need to put on an epic at-home show. This mini-PA can even be expanded by accessories like an extra battery pack, carry bag, or a coloured cover to match it with your bespoke living room decor. Whatever you do with it, this versatile system only confirms that there really is no place like home.

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