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The Sequential Prophet X OS 2.2

As of this very moment, the Sequential Prophet-X is maybe one of the most potent sample-based synthesizers around. Its intimidatingly smart synthesis engine and mouth-watering host of samples are hard to ignore and, while most other synths still work with megabytes or a couple of gigabytes, the Prophet deals with more than a hundred gigabytes. Oh, and there's some news!

New Operating System

OS 2.2 includes some synthesizer focused features including improved looping and LFOs and a fresh external sample editor, so that entirely unique content can be created for the Prophet-X. Also, a comprehensive little list of sample packs have been made available for download: Replicants, The 9000 Foot Piano, BlueWave and VCO Pack.

Now and then, a synth is served up with a focus that leans further towards hardware. The Prophet-X is such a synth. That a fresh OS and a bunch of new goodies have been thrown in is the umbrella in the sample-synth-based cocktail!

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