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Sennheiser Presents XSW Digital Series

Sennheiser's new XSW-D series is aimed at musicians, speakers and vloggers who want to take responsibility for their own audio quality. Thanks to the impressive amount of advanced technology that's gone into their design, the new transmitters and receivers are easy to use and ensure optimal sound quality with minimum effort on the part of the user meaning anyone can become their own sound engineer!

Sennheiser XSW Digital Series

For almost any application

Products in the XSW-D series really are wireless. Take the XSW-D XLR Base Set, for instance. The transmitter can be plugged directly into a dynamic microphone of your choice and the receiver can be plugged directly into a mixer. There are three different transmitters and four different receivers available. In addition to the XLR receiver, there's one with a mini jack output that can be used with a DSLR camera, for example, and another with a TS jack output that can be connected to a guitar amplifier, for instance. There are also transmitters with a mini jack input for lavalier microphones and one with a TS jack for instruments like guitar and bass. The XSW-D system works on the 2.4 GHz frequency band meaning you don't require a permit either.

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