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QSC CP Series PA Speakers: Compact Powerhouses

With the launch of their CP series, QSC introduces a line of PA speakers that is accessible to everyone. It consists of active speakers with impressive DSP processors on board. If you're an audio technician or venue owner, then right now is the perfect time to invest in a set!

It's no secret that QSC have earned their stripes when it comes to audio excellence. The CP8 and CP12 speakers set a new standard for entry-level PA speakers. In terms of housing, they are compact and surprisingly lightweight, but don't let that fool you! They boast an output of on fewer than 1000 watts. Not only are they more manageable, they can also function as a single-box PA system. The DSP processor gives you access to five presets as well as a setting suitable for speech, dance or monitor. The CP series is also ideal as a floor monitor. Both speakers have a 2-way configuration and are available as an 8-inch or a 12-inch model. To make the set complete, there are also covers, bags and wall brackets available for both models!

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