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Pioneer XDJ-RR: All-in-one DJ System

The Pioneer XDJ-RR is perfect for DJs who want to graduate from playing in their bedrooms to filling dance floors at parties and in bars and clubs. Read on to find out more.

Pioneer XDJ-RR: all-in-one DJ system

Pioneer XDJ-RR: next-level DJing

The XDJ-RR has everything you need to take your DJing skills to the next level. It's fully compatible with Pioneer's Rekordbox DJ software and can be used as a controller, but this unit can easily be used on its own as well. That means you can even leave your laptop at home when you want to travel light. In terms of operation, the XDJ-RR is similar to Pioneer's NXS2 media player and DJ mixer which means you can get familiar with features like hot cues, loops, Sound Color FX, Beat FX and more!

If you've got your heart set on the big leagues, the Pioneer XDJ-RR can help you get there. Buy yours at Bax Music today!

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