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Pioneer Present New DDJ-800 DJ Controller!

For some time, there's been talk about the possibility of a new product related to Pioneer's popular DDJ-1000. And now, the DDJ-800 is here! Read on to find out more about it.

Pioneer Present New DDJ-800 DJ Controller!

Pioneer DDJ-800

The DDJ-800 is a compact, 2-channel controller for Rekordbox DJ. It looks similar to the DDJ-1000 and it has many of the same functions too, including displays in the jog wheels! That's impressive considering it's 22% smaller than its larger sibling. Naturally, this makes it easier to transport and you can keep it safe by also purchasing the new DJC-800 bag that's been specially designed for it.

One of the new features that you can use with the DDJ-800 is the feedback reducer function in Rekordbox DJ. This ensures that a microphone can be used without having to worry about any problems with feedback. The function automatically detects and reduces offending frequencies in real time!

To find out even more about the DDJ-800 DJ controller, take a look at the product page.

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