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Pioneer DJM-V10 Club Mixer: Craft Your Sound!

The all-new Pioneer DJM-V10 Club Mixer enables you to create uniquely fresh soundscapes from six different audio sources! This 6-channel mixer offers a wealth of extensive functions and delivers a hot and energetic sound. Take control over your mix and enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom to create sounds never heard before!


DJM-V10: 6-Channel Professional DJ Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-V10 forms the solid foundation for a virtually endless list of possible soundscapes and supports a fully-custom configuration. Use the analogue inputs to hook up your CDJ's, turntables, samplers, synths and drum machines and link your audio to one of the four built-in effects and any external equipment to craft extraordinary sounds and exceptional live mixes. The Send and Return jack inputs take gear like guitar pedals and effects equipment and this is just the beginning of a never-ending list of features!

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