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Numark Scratch: Professional Serato DJ Pro Mixer

The Numark Scratch DJ mixer for Serato DJ Pro is designed for scratch DJs. It's packed with professional features and comes complete with a licence for Serato DJ Pro.

Numark Scratch DJ Mixer: A Cut Above The Rest

Numark Scratch : A Cut Above The Rest

Numark's Scratch is a brand new 2-channel DJ mixer with a robust metal housing and durable knobs. Thanks to its 24-bit USB audio interface, you can connect it to your computer and work with Serato DJ Pro. The software is included and comes with a DVS licence giving you the choice to connect traditional turntables or modern media players. Among its controls are six paddles that offer direct access to software effects and you can easily adjust the intensity of them using the FX mix knob. That's just tip of the iceberg, however. There are plenty of other features that make the Numark Scratch a compelling choice for scratch DJs.

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