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Novation Presents SL MK3 USB/MIDI Keyboards

Novation presents two brand-new gems for your studio! The 49SL-MK3 and 61SL-MK3 are both complete and extremely versatile USB/MIDI keyboards. Novation have clearly raised the bar once again for high-quality keyboards in this price category!

The core of your studio

The SL MK3 models are chock-full of possibilities. For starters, you'll find USB-MIDI and DIN-MIDI on the rear as well as two sets of CV/Gate/Mod for operating your analogue gear. There are connectors for your sustain, expression and foot switches and the control panel boasts eight encoders, eight faders, sixteen drum pads, five displays, a transport section and various additional buttons. We're thrilled with the 49 and 61-note keyboards, so hopefully, it'll be just a matter of time before an 88-note model is launched...Novation, are you listening? 

The SL-MK3 features an arpeggiator and an 8-track sequencer, and so you can get started right away, it even comes complete with Ableton Live Lite included!

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