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New Update for the Denon DJ Prime Series!

Next to releasing brand new products, upgrading existing ones is equally important. After all, firmware updates keep things fresh and interesting! Not entirely coincidentally, Denon is ready to drop their latest Prime Series update. Read on to find out more!

New Update for the Denon DJ Prime Series!

Latest Firmware Version Update for the Prime Series!

Time and time again, Denon DJ prove that firmware updates increase the performance of existing products, whether it's through bug fixes or the integration of a new feature. The new firmware v1.4 update developed for Denon DJ's Prime Series includes both and looks especially promising.

For starters, the new update enables your Prime to use Wi-Fi and the track preview section has been overhauled to accommodate the integration of Denon's 'ZonePlay'. Possibly the most important addition, however, is the integration of TIDAL. One thing's for certain, Denon DJ always stays true to their own motto: Always innovating, constantly evolving!

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