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New firmware for the QSC Touchmix-30 Pro!

The QSC Touchmix-30 Pro firmware has been updated! The 2.0 version offers up countless changes and new features. Read on to find out more!

New firmware for the QSC Touchmix-30 Pro!

Firmware for the QSC Touchmix-2.0 Pro!

The new firmware for the QSC Touchmix does more than just fix any system bugs. With version 2.0, you now have the possibility of linking up to selected third-party control surfaces. The Mackie Control Protocol enables you to remotely toggle the motorised faders of external hardware such as the iCon Platform M+. This can be done in two ways: simply plug it in or go cable-free by connecting your iOS-tablet via WiFi. The updated firmware boasts 3 customisable fader banks with 8 channels each, offering versatile and personalised channel control. Add the fresh channel strip display that shows the parameters and controls of your chosen fader group and even the most demanding of users know they will get their money's worth from this ideal edition! Version 2.0 can be downloaded here!

The firmware update for the QSC Touchmix-30 Pro just made things even more interesting! Are you already a fan? Then grab your download with Bax Music!

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