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New at Bax Music: School of House Online Courses!

If you're part of an ever-growing group of fledgling artists, DJs and producers, it can't hurt to learn an extra trick to four. Now, you can take your skills to the next level at Bax Music via online courses by the School of House! Read on to find out more.

New at Bax Music: School of House Online Courses!

Meet Your Teachers!

Even more advanced producers and veteran DJs can brush up on and expand their vast knowledge at the School of House. The Bax Music range now includes various courses taught by big names in their fields. Marco Spaventi offers up an insightful Ableton course, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano are there to teach you all about DJing, and ID&T-guru Tom van Wijk is happy to tell you all about bookings at clubs and festivals. On top of that, there are courses on media content, social media and even music rights. Whatever floats your boat!

The best part about the courses provided by School of House is that they consist of more than just video-based study material. You're given real exercises, work books, text books, and in some cases you'll even be assessed by your teacher! If you pass the course, you'll get an official certificate to hang on the wall.

Stop Thumb-Twiddling and Score a Course via Bax Music!

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