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Mode Machines CM-1: Affordable Camera Microphone

Mode Machines is an innovative German brand who have surprised us time and time again over the years with their unique, humourous, and often innovative products. Their latest achievement in camera microphones is the the practical, affordable CM-1

A better mic for your camera

The CM-1 is an extended shotgun microphone designed to be mounted on top of your professional DSLR camera. The microphone operates on a AA battery, which Mode Machines have been kind enough to include. It also comes with a wind shield to reduce the effects of wind and noise when recording outdoors. All this is available to you for an incredible price!

The CM-1 is the latest achievement by the innovative German brand Mode Machines, and we will have eighty in stock, so act fast if you want to own one! Keep an eye on the product page below for up-to-date stock status.

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