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Marshall Shrink Classics for Studio Series

Marshall's new compact Studio Classic, Vintage and Jubilee amp heads, amp combos and cabinets are all based on classic models like the 1959 Super Lead Plexi, the JCM800 2203 and the Silver Jubilee. Meet the SV20 Studio Vintage, the SC20 Studio Classic and the 2525 Studio Jubilee models below.

More compact and modest

The original versions of these new Marshall models will not only set you back a pretty penny, but not everyone needs 100 watts of power at their fingertips. The new amps are not only more compact and a lot more affordable, but they offer the same sounds at a much more modest volume. The new SC20 Studio Classic, the SV20 Studio Vintage and the 2525 Studio Jubilee all feature ECC83 preamp tubes and EL34 power amp tubes, just like the originals. There are new cabinets designed to complement all the new amp heads too. To find out more about all of Marshall's new models, take a look at the product pages below.



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