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Ludwig 110th Anniversary Heirloom Black Brass Snare Drums!

Incredibly, it’s been exactly 110 years since the German-American brothers William F. and Theobald Ludwig opened their first drum store, bearing the name ‘Ludwig & Ludwig’. The brothers started making bass drum pedals and soon expanded their production to include snare drums, kettle drums and every other flavour of drums and the rest is history, as they say. To celebrate their 110th birthday, Ludwig release the 110th Anniversary Heirloom Black Brass snare drum. It’s available in two sizes and we have both in stock, right now!

Ludwig Heirloom Black Brass: 110 Years of History

The Heirloom Black Brass snare drums carry the weight of more than 100 years of prestige and experience. Specially crafted to commemorate Ludwig’s 110th anniversary and built exclusively in 2019 as a limited edition, these regal snares are available in 14 x 5.5 inch and 14 x 7 inch. The shells are finished in brushed, black brass and feature the same characteristic, custom laser-etched banding as Heirloom snares. For this special occasion, Ludwig have adorned these snares with a 110th Anniversary badge and carrying bag. Both snares are fitted with die-cast hoops, Imperial lugs and the renowned P88 Throw-Off and P35 Butt-Plate. More information about these superior-sounding, unique and unparalleled snares can be found on their product pages.

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