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Free Focusrite Holiday Plug-In Collective Bundle!

Focusrite have joined forces with Sonible to develop a new plug-in made exclusively available to Plug-In Collective customers.

How does it work?

From the 14th of November, up to and including the 16th of January, Focusrite users can get their hands on powerful audio effects from Mastering the Mic, Sonible and a virtual guitar from UJAM, all of which can be downloaded for free via your personal Focusrite account.

UJAM's Virtual Guitarist, IRON

With UJAM's virtual guitarist, Iron, your DAW gets a visit from a world-class studio session guitarist. Producers at every level gain direct access to authentic rock and metal riffs and power chords that can be played in and recorded using a MIDI keyboard or controller.

Mastering the Mix with GROW

GROW is a stereo manipulation module from Mastering The Mix's Animate plug-in. Using GROW, you can broaden specific frequencies with the help of a psycho-acoustic precedence effect.

Sonible Balancer

The A.I. driven Balancer from Sonible, in collaboration with Focusrite, automatically adjusts a series of underlying filters and algorithmic processes to match the spectral balance of an input signal with a series of customised instruments and vocal profiles.

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