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Free Expansions with Maschine

Native Instruments' Maschine controllers are designed to help you produce music quickly and easily. Each model has its own selection of features and controls allowing you to choose the one that best suits your workflow, your requirements and your budget. For most of us, the budget plays a larger part in our decision making process than we'd like when it comes to buying gear. And if that sounds familiar, you're sure to appreciate this promotion by Native Instruments.

Free Expansions

Buy a Maschine controller during April 2019 and you'll get a number of expansions for free! You can choose from 40 different titles and how many expansions you get depends on which Maschine you buy. Purchase the Maschine Mikro MK3 or Maschine Jam and you'll get three expansions for free and you'll get five expansions if you buy the Maschine MK3 or Maschine Studio. You'll need to register your purchase with Native Instruments first, of course.

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