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Fazley Vivace Violins - Study Violins for the New Year

If you're worried that learning to play violin might be ridiculously expensive, think again. We at Bax Music are here to make sure you can get your hands on a great student violin without losing an arm or a leg. The new Vivace models from Fazley offer excellent value for money and a great study partner for anyone who simply wants to learn.

Fazley Vivace

The Vivace Line-Up

The new Vivace line-up includes four different models, each of which comes complete with their own soft-case (with a hard outer shell and lined interior), bow and resin. These starter packs include fully-assembled violins so there's no need to install your own bridge and every model is fitted with independent fine-tuners per string for accurate tuning.

Four Models

The four Vivace models are the VI-200, VI-400, VI-700 and VI-1000. The VI-200 is made for absolute beginners while the VI-1000 is a fully-grown instrument, crafted with quality components like a solid spruce top and flamed maple back and sides while the critical parts like the tailpiece, fine tuners, chin support, neck and tuning keys are made of ebony.

Great Beginner

Students who are not quite certain that they're destined to carve out a career as a professional violinist might want to try out the VI-200. With a solid spruce top and solid maple sides and back, you're assured of a great starting point while the included accessory pack makes this model even easier on the wallet.

If you're already curious about the features of each of the new Fazley Vivace violins, then check out the product pages below for more information.

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