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Fazley Reveals Lots of New Guitars and Basses!

Fazley has clearly been busy as the introduction of lots of new guitars show. As well as 3/4-size models that are perfect for children, there are guitars for rock and metal fans and modern basses with a neck-through design. In short, there's something for everyone!


The new line up features some stunning models that you don't normally come across in this price class. One of the highlights is the Fazley Fury: an FST model in Vintage White with a scalloped neck and locking machine heads! Or what about the fantastic FSGD118RD? It's a model with a double neck that makes it easy to get your Led Zeppelin vibe on. If you're more into metal, the Fazley FING Metal is sure to attract attention with its V shape and beastly horns! If you'd prefer a model with a more traditional V shape, then check out the FFV618WH. Perhaps a no-nonsense punk rock guitar in Surf Green is more your style? If so, the Fazley Hot Rod could be the one for you.

New basses

For bassists, there are two new models that both have a neck-through design and an ergonomic body shape with a longer top horn for better balance. The FNB218NT has a timeless natural finish and a versatile sound. If you're on the lookout for something more progressive, then the Fazley Mammoth could be the bass for you. It's a 7-string bass guitar that has additional high C and F strings in addition to B-E-A-D and G. It's great for those who want to get even more creative or experimental with their basslines.

New versions

Some of the current Fazley models now also feature new colours and fretboards. The popular FST118 and FTL118 are now available with a fretboard made of maple, for instance. Then there's the Fazley Buttercup, a versatile T-style electric guitar that has a clear twang and a stylish Butterscotch Blonde finish. There are now also 3/4-size models of the FST118 and FPB118 that are perfect for children from about the age of eight upwards. Smaller models aren't just perfect for children however, they can also make excellent travelling companions for adults. The Fazley Nino is a perfect example of this and it even has a built-in amplifier!

For a complete overview of all the new models, check out the related products section below.

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