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Eastwest Easter Sale 2019

Eastwest have another great promotion planned for the Easter period. If you were thinking of spending all of your money on fattening Easter eggs, what about spending some on fattening up your sample library collection instead?

Lots of sample libraries

There's plenty of choice on offer. Perhaps a virtual orchestra from the Hollywood series will help you get your Leopold Stokowski on or maybe you'd like to experience what it must sound like to play a Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bechstein or Yamaha piano like Yuja Wang? Guitars and other instruments are possibilities too. Even one of the latest titles, Voice of Opera, is part of the promotion which is running from 15th April until 25th April 2019. During this period, you'll find that a huge chunk has been taken out of the prices of the download versions of the software. That means you can spend any money you save on extra Easter eggs!

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