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Devine Presents EZ-Creator Studio Controllers

Devine's new EZ-Creator Studio Controllers are perfect for use inside or outside the music studio. We're already familiar with products like their popular M-Mic USB microphone, for instance, but these new products have MIDI capabilities too.

Devine EZ Creator - portable studio equipment

No matter which product you choose, all of them will fit in a rucksack allowing you to make music wherever you go. There are four different models: the EZ-Creator Key, the EZ-Creator Pad, the EZ-Creator Fade and the EZ-Creator Plus which is essentially a combination of the other three. What's more, all of them are very competitively priced!

DAW software included

Each EZ-Creator Studio controller comes with Bitwig's 8-Track DAW software meaning the only other thing you need to get started is a computer. If you already have DAW software, the EZ-Creator controllers will work with that too, of course.

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