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Devine Artis MKII: Even More Impressive Than Before

Devine's first generation of Artis speakers proved to be very popular which means the MKII versions have a lot to live up to. Fortunately, they're even better than before and the active versions are more comprehensive too. Read on to find out more.

Devine Artis MKII: Even More Impressive Than Before

Devine Artis MKII: active and passive speakers

It may have taken a while, but the look and sound of Devine's new MKII full-range speakers mean it was worth the wait. They may be powerful, but Devine has taken care to ensure that the sound they deliver is well-balanced, detailed, transparent and pure.

It's the active speakers in the series that have undergone the biggest changes. They now feature a built-in MP3 player that works with USB and SD cards and they have Bluetooth on board so that music can be easily streamed too. They also have plenty of connection possibilities and the Artis 12A and 15A MKII models have a 5-band EQ so that you can tweak sounds to perfection.

In terms of appearance, the MKII series is also very different from the first generation. The rounded grille is gone and has been replaced by a metal grille that covers front of the whole speaker, just like Devine's Onyx series. The speakers are more robust too thanks to the redesigned housing, component placement and upgraded acoustic foam that offers even better protection. There are now also protective covers available to keep the speakers safe from dust and dirt.

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