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Denon DJ Launch Prime 4 All-in-One DJ system!

Just in time for NAMM 2019, Denon DJ have announced the Prime 4. This all-in-one DJ system is the latest addition to their renowned Prime series. It's a 4-deck, standalone system that has a multi-gesture, 10-inch touchscreen and offers plenty of possibilities for you to show off your creativity as a DJ.


There are 8 performance pads per deck that can be used for functions like hot cues, juggle, remix tracks, roll and slicer. Another thing that makes the Prime 4 so special is the ability to timestretch and change the keys of tracks making them easier to mix.

A fully independent zone output is a feature never seen before and other notable things include 14 adjustable built-in effects. You can also make use of Denon's own StagelinQ for video control and SoundSwitch for controlling lighting as well as timecode and Resolume applications.

Visit the product page to find out what else the Denon DJ Prime 4 can do.

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