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CasioTone Keyboards now in stock at Bax Music!

During the Summer NAMM last July, Casio launched their new CasioTone Series keyboards and released four new models in different colours: the CT-S300, CT-S200, CT-S100 and the LK-S250. We've had to practice a little patience but we now have the new CasioTone keyboards in stock ready to be shipped! Learn more below.

Compact and Mobile Design

All CasioTone keyboards come equipped with 61 keys, packed into a compact housing (930 x 256 x 73 mm) weighing less than 3.3 kg in total. Because these keyboards can also run on batteries, they can be used any time, anywhere, while the built-in carrying handle lets you take it anywhere, any time.

Dance Music Mode and Chordana Play-app

All models, with the exception of the CT-S100, include the Dance Music Mode which lets you create your own dance music using drum, bass and synthesizer sounds. Or connect any CasioTone keyboard to a smartphone or tablet and download the free Chordana Play App for a fun and easy way to play and practise all of your favourite tracks. Speaking of practise, the LK-S250 is the only model to feature a special Key Lighting System, which highlights the keys you're supposed to press, making learning how to play even simpler.

Check out the product pages for more information on each keyboard.

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