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Audionamix Promotion

Audionamix might not be a name familiar to all, but in the world of audio post production, they've built up a good reputation for themselves. That's why we sell their products here at Bax Music and now, we're letting you know about the promotion they've got on too!

Audionamix plugins

Audionamix specialise in audio separation software and make use of integrated deep neural network artificial intelligence to do the processing! That means background noise can be effectively removed from speech, for instance, and vocals and drums can be separated from the remaining music in songs too! For the former task, you'll need IDC Instant Dialogue Cleaner, and for the latter, the XTRAX Stems 2 software is what you'll need. Both are now available at a special price up to 30th June 2019. Check out the product descriptions to find out more about each one.

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