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Aston Microphones Ask You to Design Their New Microphone!

Always wanted to design and develop your own microphone? Well, Aston Microphones are now giving you the opportunity to make that dream a reality. All they want to know is what your ideal microphone is like - and this comes with a number of advantages. Read on to find our more!

Aston Microphones Ask You to Design Their New Microphone!

Aston Element!

The Aston Element is what Aston Microphones are calling it, but this is nowhere near a fully formed microphone. So they can finish the design and development of their fresh offering, Aston are asking for your input. As such, it's no joke that Aston themselves are calling the Element 'The World's First Microphone for the People'. This level of user-feedback is previously unheard of, so why are they doing it? Aston simply believe that the end-users: the musicians, engineers, and producers deserve their say in the final product. Ok, but how does it work?

To offer your thoughts and take part in the design of the Element, you first need to register here. By registering, you'll be made a member of the 'Aston Family Voter Panel'. If you're already a member, then now is the time to vote! The voting will take place in different stages between the end of April 2020 until July 2020. As a voting member, you'll be asked to listen to different audio clips recorded by a prototype of the Aston Element microphone alongside recordings made using equivalent models from other brands. These tests are blind so you won't know which microphone you're listening to, and then all you need to do is let Aston know which one you think sounds best. Aston will then take these results and make the necessary adjustments to the prototype ready for the next test-phase. The result? The 'ultimate' microphone!

But what do you get if you take part? Aston have got this covered by offering all members of the Aston Family Voter Panel a 25% discount on the finished Aston Element upon its release! By taking advantage of this discount, you'll get a very special edition of the microphone along with a certificate stating that you took part in its development, and other Aston goodies like a badge, stickers and more!

Please note! You must be aged 16 years or older to take part in this project. If you've just turned 16, then what are you waiting for?

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