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AKAI Introduce New MPC2 software!

AKAI's MPC software is already at version 2.3, but it's about to get a major update. Read on to find out more about what they have on the horizon.

AKAI MPC 2.4: major improvements

Along with other products, AKAI have just announced MPC version 2.4. This software includes new functions as well as updates designed to improve your workflow. The addition of no fewer than 28 'must-have' effects by DSP legends AIR Music Technology is sure to get your heart beating. As is the news that the renowned side-chain compressor 'the Mother Ducker' is included too!

These AIR effects are also found on Pro Tools and recognised as one of the most advanced reference packages with FX. Having them added to MPC is a really big deal. Apart from that, it's the new TUI layouts that really take MPC 2.4 to the next level. The new software now offers a multitude of effects and thanks to its great design, it's easier to use than ever before too.

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