Serato DJ + VJ Kit pacchetto software (download)

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Serato DJ + VJ Kit pacchetto software (download) Codice prodotto: 9000-0015-4690 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


This Serato DJ and VJ Kit software bundle consists of the latest versions of Serato DJ and VJ. It's supplied as a download and can be activated by registering the serial numbers on the PDF file you'll receive after you've completed your purchase.

Serato DJ

Serato DJ software makes it possible to play, mix, and manipulate tracks from a digital library at home or at the club. This software bundle is for Serato DJ Intro users to upgrade to the complete package. Compared to Intro, this upgrade offers a wide range of features and possibilities. For starters, it enables you to record your DJ sets and play them back, which wasn't possible in the Intro version. It also offers an advanced effects section with the legendary Izotope, as well as 4-deck support, 8 cue points and MIDI support. This bundle also supports further expansions including Flip, Pitch n Time and various other effects packages.

Serato Video

Besides Serato DJ, this bundle also includes Serato Video, which is a software plugin designed to be used with Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH software. Serato Video enables you to edit video images the same way you would adjust audio. Spice up your DJ set and let your imagination run wild by adding video content and manipulating it with extra visual effects and transitions. This is a great expansion bundle for those who find Serato DJ Intro too limited, or who are looking for more functionality.

Consigli e osservazioni


  • Questo pacchetto software è un download e viene attivato tramite i numeri di serie contenuti nel PDF che riceverete dopo l'acquisto.
  • Questo pacchetto software è adatto solo per gli utenti Serato DJ Intro.



  • 3D supportato no
  • Fisico o da scaricare da scaricare
  • Compatibile con il sistema operativo Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows
  • Supporta HD no
  • Motore nativo 64 bit

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 500 gr
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,5 cm


  • DJ and VJ software package
  • complete versions of Serato DJ and VJ
  • upgrade from Serato DJ Intro
  • supports expansion options like Flip, Pitch n Time, and FX packages
  • supplied as a download
  • system requirements for Serato DJ:
    • operating system Mac: OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10
    • operating system Windows: 7, 8, 8.1
    • Intel processor
    • screen resolution: 1280 x 720
    • RAM: 2 GB (32-bit) / 4 GB (64-bit)
    • free USB 2.0 port required
  • system requirements Serato Video:
    • Intel processor
    • screen resolution: 1280 x 800
    • 32 & 64-bit RAM: 4 GB
    • video memory: 348 MB (>1 GB is recommended)


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Pacchetto convenienza

Codice prodotto: 9000-0015-4725
  • Gemini Slate 2 controller per Serato DJ Intro
  • Serato DJ + VJ Kit pacchetto software (download)
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Codice prodotto: 9000-0015-4726
  • Gemini Slate 4 controller per Serato DJ Intro
  • Serato DJ + VJ Kit pacchetto software (download)
Prezzo normale € 387,00
Prezzo pacchetto convenienza € 370,00
Risparmio € 17,00
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