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Ahead's SPG-R-3 is an ergonomic drum throne that optimally supports your shoulders, back and hips. You'll be able to play for hours! The seat is covered with red velour.
€ 224,00
If you're hunting for a comfortable throne to last a lifetime of drumming, then the Ahead-developed SPG-BBR-4 Spinal-G might be the holy grail of thrones and even provides a backrest.
€ 297,00
The Ahead SPG-BS Spinal G is the ultimate drum throne for drummers who want to take care of their backs. Its intelligent design optimally supports the drummer's back and hips, by means of the split seat.
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€ 299,00
Ahead's SPG-BS-3 is a cleverly designed, ergonomic drum throne. As it offers your back, shoulders, and hips optimal support, you'll be able to play for hours without pain or fatigue! The seat is covered with black velour.
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€ 255,00