Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 + set Novation Dicer

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Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 + set Novation Dicer Codice prodotto: 9000-0012-6756 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


When Technics stopped making the legendary SL-1200, they created a demand for a new turntable. Pioneer - the ultimate go-to brand when it comes to DJ gear - has taken up the challenge and come up with the PLX-1000, a true DJ turntable made up of rugged materials and components to ensure a Pioneer-worthy performance. The PLX-1000 has the same clean, straight-forward layout as the SL-1200 and offers the same trusted functionality for playing vinyl. In addition to two of these great turntables, this bargain set provides you with the Novation Dicer (2 pieces), plus a matching case to keep the controllers safe from harm during transport from studio to booth and back again.

Pioneer PLX-1000: construction

The PLX-1000 is a fantastic, minimalistic turntable without any unnecessary frills like interfaces, network connectors or switchable outputs. It does, however, feature an ultra-solid, gold-plated stereo RCA output and a wide pitch range that can be switched between +/-8%, +/-16% and +/-50%. Depending on the track and your playing style, you'll always have the right fade at your disposal, from subtle to dramatic. The tone arm of the PLX-1000 is S-shaped to keep the stylus neatly in the groove and to reduce howling (resonance within the arm itself). A powerful 3-phase motor gets the platter up to speed in a mere 0.3 seconds and the metal top of the turntable has a vibration-damping mid section for optimal stability under any circumstances.

Novation Dicer

In order for you to benefit from the full potential of the PLX-1000s, this set complements the turntables with a pair of Novation Dicers - one for each PLX-1000. Novation has designed this compact controller to be placed on the corner of a conventional turntable. The Dicer is easily compatible with any common type of DJ software and is a great help for creating loops and activating cues while you're DJing. You can do away with complicated software activities and limit your workspace to the two PLX-1000s and the Dicers. What an efficient and inspiring way of spinning records!



  • Testina inclusa
  • Flight case / flight bag inclusa no
  • Cover antipolvere inclusa
  • Effetti integrati no
  • Cavi inclusi RCA stereo, cavo di rete
  • Software incluso nessuno
  • Supporta dispositivi USB no
  • Composizione del set di giradischi 2x giradischi
  • Tipo di giradischi trazione diretta
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio no
Alimentatore di corrente spina europea piatta senza messa a terra

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  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 8,3 kg


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