Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 con mixer DJM-850-K set per DJ

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Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 con mixer DJM-850-K set per DJ Codice prodotto: 9000-0012-3244


For DJs who work with vinyl exclusively, analogue sound quality is of the utmost importance. As such, all of their DJ equipment should add to that overall great sound. The two Pioneer PLX-1000s in this set provide a new standard for turntables. They are backed up by the DJM-850-K mixer, a worthy partner for the PLX-1000 turntables thanks to its high-quality components.

PLX-1000 turntable

This Pioneer turntable is equipped with the latest technology, but makes vinyl fanatics feel right at home nevertheless. The PLX-1000 has unmistakably been inspired by the SL-1200, but it is no downright copy of the legendary turntable; Pioneer has left the many great features of the original turntable unaltered, but added a few enhancements to the new design, making the PLX-1000 a real modern-day device. The turntable has been fitted with a gold-plated RCA output and a detachable power cable, and the pitch range has been expanded: the PLX-1000 has an adjustable pitch of +/-8%, +/-16% or +/-50%. Pioneer has designed the turntable specifically for playing vinyl - no more, no less - and that's why there are no LCD displays, sample buttons, etc. The only features that betray the modern nature of the PLX-1000 are its blue LED lighting and the familiar round start/stop button that can also be found on Pioneer's CDJ players.

Pioneer DJM-850-K

Pioneer's DJM-850 needs little introduction - you'll find this 4-channel mixer in many clubs and pubs. It has a straightforward layout and is popular among both novice and professional DJs. Most are familiar with the DJM-850's preset effects such as filter, phaser, reverb and roll (to name a few). What's more, the mixer has a built-in sound card with four stereo channels, so all you need is a cable to connect your PC or laptop! The high-quality components of the DJM-850 by Pioneer ensure crystal-clear sound reproduction. It is a top-shelf DJ mixer brimming with features and functions.

Consigli e osservazioni

  • Attenzione: il Pioneer PLX-1000 viene consegnato senza testina.
Termini di garanzia
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  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 16,0 kg
  • Testina inclusa
  • Flight case / flight bag inclusa no
  • Cover antipolvere inclusa no
  • Effetti integrati no
  • Colore nero
  • Cavi inclusi nessuno
  • Software incluso nessuno
  • Supporta dispositivi USB no
  • Composizione del set di giradischi 2x giradischi + mixer
  • Tipo di giradischi trazione diretta
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio no


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