Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 con controller DJ DDJ-SZ set per DJ

Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 con controller DJ DDJ-SZ set per DJ Codice prodotto: 9000-0012-4900 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


This DJ set bridges the gap between the digital and the analogue world quite brilliantly. Two of Pioneer's flagships are represented: the PLX-1000 turntable (times two) and the DDJ-SZ controller. The set is ideal for clubs as it caters to the needs of all DJs - it provides a powerful setup for vinyl DJs as well as DJs who prefer digital music files. Connect the two PLX-1000 turntables to the four-channel DDJ-SZ, and the mixer allows you to select a sound source per channel. Naturally, the Sound Color FX of the mixer can be applied to the analogue signal of the turntables.

PLX-1000 turntable

The PLX-1000 is strictly meant for playing vinyl. You'll find no redundant frills on this turntable, which has been modelled after the iconic SL-1200. The S-shaped tone arm enhances tracking while you're scratching, and both the torque and the rotation speed of the turntable can be adjusted - the blue LED lights will help you out with the latter. The PLX-1000 is equipped with a large pitch fader, the range of which can be set to +/-8%, +/-16% and +/-50%. This makes beatmatching much easier than it was with the SL-1200. The gold-plated stereo RCA output allows you to connect the PLX-1000 to a mixer - in this case the DDJ-SZ - and ensures a crystal clear signal transmission. To facilitate transport and flightcase installation, the turntable is fitted with a detachable power cable.

DDJ-SZ digital DJ controller

This controller has been developed in collaboration with Serato DJ. The jog wheels are adjustable and give you a good deal of visual information, such as the distance to the next cue point and the playing status. Using the velocity-sensitive performance pads you're able to trigger samples, to set hot cues and assign them with a colour, to start loops, to slice tracks and to apply loop rolls. The mixer section of the DDJ-SZ is equipped with the same Sound Color FX as the DJM-900NEXUS. They allow you to select an effect and to apply it to each channel and to the master, all fully synchronised with the BPM rate. A new feature of the DDJ-SZ is the oscillator. The oscillator supplies four types of signals (noise, siren, cymbal and horn), which can be adjusted by means of the parameter controller. With these sounds, you can add a new layer to your tracks and to the build-up of your mix. The DDJ-SZ, which naturally comes with an accessory version of Serato DJ software, is fitted with two USB connectors and two sound cards. As such, you can divide the controller into two parts, and work with two DJs and two laptops at the same time, or facilitate the transition from one DJ to another.

Consigli e osservazioni

  • Attenzione: il Pioneer PLX-1000 viene consegnato senza testina.
  • La valigetta Gator Cases GKPE-61-TSA (disponibile separatamente) per tastiera a 61 tasti non è stata realizzata appositamente per il DDJ-SZ, ma è ugualmente compatibile.



  • Testina inclusa no
  • Flight case / flight bag inclusa no
  • Cover antipolvere inclusa
  • Effetti integrati
  • Cavi inclusi RCA stereo, cavo USB
  • Software incluso Serato DJ
  • Supporta dispositivi USB
  • Composizione del set di giradischi 2x giradischi + controller DJ
  • Tipo di giradischi trazione diretta
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 17,2 kg


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