Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition sample sequencer

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Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition sample sequencer Codice prodotto: 9000-0021-9809 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


The American band OK Go and Korg have just unveiled the result of their fruitful relationship: the Korg Volca Sample OK Go Signature Edition sequencer. Just like the original Volca Sampler, this ingenious, portable toy is designed for the creative sample-tweakers among us. Its stylish control panel is the first thing that's different about this particular device. Another big difference is the fact that it's teeming with samples from OK Go's latest album "Hungry Ghosts"! Additionally, it's extremely exclusive. Only 3,000 of these were made, so if you want one, you'll have to act fast, because it's now or never!

Synthesis and sequencer of the Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition

It is possible to overwrite the built-in samples (and to retrieve them again using the factory reset), but you can also make your own material with the Volca Sample. Add new samples via the iOS device you use for recording, such as an iPad or iPhone. See the tips and comments below for more information about how to get samples into the Volca Sample via third-party software. There is a modest collection of synthesis parameters to edit and adjust the samples to your liking. With the step sequencer, you can adjust 11 parameters for a wide variety of audio possibilities.

Additional options

Play the Volca Sample with the multi-touch keyboard, with a maximum polyphony of eight. A reverb is available per part for a more spacious sound. There's an analogue isolator, which is basically an equalizer that controls the bass and trebles, leaving the mids as they are. Of course you'll want to use the Volca Sample in combination with your other Volca models. To that end, Korg has fitted the device with sync connectors. The sample sequencer can be powered by batteries (6 AA batteries are included), which means you can unleash your musical creativity wherever you go.

Consigli e osservazioni

  • Attenzione: è disponibile un software di terzi con cui potrete gestire anche i sample del Volca Sample. Per maggiori informazioni consultate il sito di Korg.



  • Canali analogici in ingresso 0
  • Canali analogici in uscita 1
  • Canali digitali in ingresso 0
  • Canali digitali in uscita 0
  • Numero dei canali microfono nessuno
  • Numero di tasti nessuno
  • Lettore di scheda CompactFlash no
  • Pad no
  • Compatibile con il sistema operativo iOS
  • Uscita cuffie
  • I/O MIDI in, out
  • Lettore SD no
  • Sequencer / registratore
  • Stand alone
  • Tipo di display LED
  • Porta USB no
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio no

Gewicht en afmetingen inclusief verpakking

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 800 gr
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 27,0 x 15,0 x 7,0 cm


  • Korg Volca Sample
  • OK Go Edition
  • sample player
  • sequencer with tempo controller and swing function
  • synthesis parameters, can be registered in the sequencer
  • maximum polyphony: 8
  • number of samples: 100 (can be overwritten)
  • factory samples by OK Go from the album "Hungry Ghosts"
  • import samples via iOS app for iPad or iPhone
  • maximum sample size: 4 MB (65 seconds)
  • sample frequency: 31.25 kHz/16 bits
  • reverb
  • analogue isolator (bass/treble with an analogue circuit)
  • reverse option
  • number of parts: 10
  • number of steps: 16
  • number of patterns: 10
  • number of sequences: 16
  • number of songs: 6
  • output: stereo mini jack
  • sync out for use with other Volca models
  • MIDI in
  • built-in speaker
  • powered by (optional) DC 9V adapter
  • powered by 6x AA battery (nickel-metal hybrid, included)
  • battery life: approx. 10 hours
  • batteries and Sync cable included
  • dimensions: 193 x 115 x 45 mm
  • weight: 372 grams (batteries not included)


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Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition + Devine PRO 2000

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  • Devine PRO 2000 cuffie monitor
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Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition + Magma CTRL-CASE Kaoss

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  • Magma CTRL-CASE Kaoss
Prezzo normale € 198,00
Prezzo pacchetto convenienza € 194,00
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Disponibile fra ca. 8 giorni lavorativi.

Korg Volca Sample OK Go Edition + Korg volca Bass + Korg Volca Beats + Korg Volca Keys + Procab REF790

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  • Korg volca Bass sintetizzatore
  • Korg volca Beats drum machine
  • Korg Volca Keys sintetizzatore
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