Mapex MPX rullante acero 13'' x 6'' Transparent Midnight Black

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Mapex MPX rullante acero 13'' x 6'' Transparent Midnight Black Codice prodotto: 9000-0004-8632


A snare drum doesn't have to be expensive to be effective! This 13 x 6-inch Mapex MPX Maple, with its beautiful Transparent Midnight Black finish, delivers a warm, rich sound. Its 13-inch diameter gives it a pitch that is ever so slightly higher than that of a 14-inch snare drum and a very crisp and sharp sound, while the 6-inch depth gives it plenty of volume and presence.

The shell is made of 100% maple, a material that has been used to make drums for ages now and that gives this snare drum its warm, rich tone. It's equipped with 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, which allow for ear-splitting rimshots and keep your snare drum perfectly in tune for a long time. Mapex's special low-mass lugs, meanwhile, are small enough to prevent them from dampening the shell's natural resonance, which, in turn, enhances its sound.

Furthermore, the snare is equipped with Remo UX drumheads, making the snare easy to tune and further enhancing its sound, and a fully adjustable throw-off. And of course we have to mention the gorgeous finish. This black lacquer still shows the wood's natural grain, which gives this kit a sleek, professional look that will not look out of place on any stage!

In short, this astonishingly affordable snare drum is the perfect choice for drummers who want a quality Maple snare drum without breaking the bank!

Termini di garanzia
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  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 5,1 kg
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 42,0 x 42,0 x 26,5 cm
  • Tipo di rullante normale
  • Dimensioni del rullante 13'' x 6''
  • Materiale del fusto acero
  • Cordiera a 16 spire
  • Colore dell'hardware nero
  • Tipo di pelle battente Remo UX
  • Tipo di pelle risonante Remo UX
  • Edizione Signature no
  • Colore nero


  • snare drum
  • brand: Mapex
  • model: MPX Maple
  • size: 13 x 6 inches
  • shell: maple, 6.5mm thick
  • finish: Transparent Midnight Black
  • hoops: triple-flanged, chrome
  • low-mass lugs, chrome
  • 20-strand snare wires
  • including Remo UX drumheads


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