Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 e mixer Allen & Heath Xone:23C, set per DJ

Pioneer 2x PLX-1000 e mixer Allen & Heath Xone:23C, set per DJ Codice prodotto: 9000-0012-2384 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


This professional set consists of two Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables and an Allen & Heath Xone:23C mixer. Together, these components provide you with a high-quality hybrid setup for your DJ sets. The Xone:23C mixer allows you to plug in your analogue turntables, but you can also use it to control your DJ software thanks to a built-in four-channel USB sound card. Using the included Mixvibes Cross LE, you're able to create your own timecode setup, which allows you to control your software decks with the familiar analogue feel of your turntables.

Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable

With the PLX-1000, Pioneer has made a serious bid at setting the new turntable standard. The analogue turntable has been modelled after the legendary Technics SL-1200, but is not a downright copy. What was good has been left unaltered, but Pioneer couldn't resist making a few practical improvements. The PLX-1000 is equipped with a gold-plated RCA connector, for instance, and with a detachable power cable. The pitch range of the turntable has been expanded to -/+8%, -/+16% and -/+50%, allowing for easier beatmatching. Like the original, the PLX-1000 is fitted with an S-shaped tone arm, which enhances tracking when you're scratching. Finally, the turntable has stylish blue LED lighting that facilitates speed fine-tuning.

Xone:23C 2+2-channel DJ mixer

The Xone:23C is a well-organised mixer that allows for the connection of four different sound sources. This means that, in addition to the two Pioneer PLX-1000s from the set, you can also plug in a pair of media players, such as the CDJ-2000. The mixer is equipped with the familiar Allen & Heath High Pass and Low Pass filters, which can be adjusted by means of frequency and resonance controls. The three-part EQ section of the X-shaped mixer features a full kill function. The compact but powerful Xone:23C is a hybrid mixer; alongside its analogue inputs, it is fitted with a USB port and a built-in 4-channel stereo sound card. Allen & Heath takes DJing quite seriously - you can tell by the professional XLR outputs and separate booth output of the Xone:23C. A copy of Mixvibes Cross LE software is included, so you can easily incorporate a DVS timecode system into your setup.

Consigli e osservazioni

  • Attenzione: il PLX-1000 viene consegnato senza testina.



  • Composizione del set di giradischi 2x giradischi + mixer
  • Tipo di giradischi trazione diretta
  • Effetti integrati no
  • Supporta dispositivi USB no
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio
  • Software incluso MixVibes Cross LE
  • Testina inclusa no
  • Flight case / flight bag inclusa no
  • Cover antipolvere inclusa
  • Cavi inclusi nessuno
Alimentatore di corrente spina europea piatta senza messa a terra

Il peso e le dimensioni sono da considerarsi imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 14,2 kg


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