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Processori multieffetti

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Équipé de huit circuits de distorsion analogiques stéréo, d'un filtre multimodes et d'un EQ 2 bandes, le Elektron Analog Heat MKII vous offre de nombreuses possibilités de manipulation sonore. De plus, il possède un écran OLED clair.
€ 849,00
The Lexicon PCM9 effects processor is a high-grade studio must-have equipped with a 96kHz over-sampling speed to retain every bit of audio quality, and power-up your productions.
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€ 2.505,00
This compact, standalone MIDI and audio processor helps you to express your creativity whether you're on stage, in the studio or on your living room sofa. The MOD Devices Dwarf handles countless audio set-ups and situations, including MIDI and CV plugins.