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Questo Ibo / Udu è piccolo ma ha un suono potente ed è ideale per performance acustiche, ma anche per concerti di dimensioni maggiori, grazie allo speciale foro per microfono. "Udu" significa ”vaso” nel dialetto nigeriano Ibo.
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The Meinl ID9BK is a special kind of udu: on the inside, you'll find a metal chamber at the bottom, filled with water. By tapping the bottom, you'll create fluctuating overtones.
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This Schlagwerk-made udu is a modern variation of the original Nigerian udu - also known as the Ibo drum or Igbo drum - and is played by striking the sound hole with the palm of the hand.
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Designed according to Nigerian tradition, this Schlagwerk udu is played by striking the hole in the side of the body with the palm of the hand, displacing the air and pushing it through the long neck.
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Also known as a Ibo or Igbo drum, this beautiful and deep-sounding udu from Schlagwerk offers musicians a traditional Nigerian percussion instrument with warm, earthy sound.
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This special udu has been finished with skin on its side so that both the sound hole and skin can be played (after a little practice) with one hand. This unique instrument has a surprisingly versatile sound.
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