Omnitronic PM-222 mixer a 2 canali

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Omnitronic PM-222 mixer a 2 canali Codice prodotto: STKE-10006819 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


The user-friendly Omnitronic PM-222 is the ultimate mixer for starting DJs. Its sleek black finish with bright white details provides you with a clear overview in the dark, and the mixer is nice and compact, allowing for easy transport to parties.

Omnitronic PM-222: technology

This Omnitronic mixer's two channels can be mixed together by means of a crossfader. Each channel has its own volume fader and two-band equalizer (one potentiometer for the trebles, one for the bass tones).

The PM-222 allows you to plug in two line devices and one turntable for each channel. That means you can easily control a setup with two laptops, two CD players and two turntables - simply select a sound source for each channel with the designated switches. Use your laptop and CD player for one transition, for instance, and then switch to a turntable for the next.

The PM-222's master output signal is transmitted via RCA connectors. Would you like to record your own mixes? You can - just use the mixer's record output.



  • Numero dei canali di linea 2
  • Audio via USB no
  • Uscita booth no
  • Curva del crossfader regolabile no
  • Assegnazione del crossfader no
  • Effetti no
  • Funzione EQ kill no
  • EQ canali di linea a 2 bande
  • Fader start supportato no
  • Dimensioni del mixer DJ altro
  • Colore nero
  • Canale Master 1 knob
  • Canale Master 2 non applicabile
  • Ingresso microfono
  • I/O MIDI no
  • Posizione dell'uscita cuffie davanti
  • Posizione dell'ingresso microfono davanti
  • Kit rackmount disponibile no
  • Uscita Rec/Booth uscita Rec
  • Tipo di uscita cuffie jack 6,35 mm
  • Tipo di ingresso microfono jack 6,35 mm

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 2,0 kg
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 31,0 x 23,5 x 16,5 cm


  • 2-channel mixer
  • perfect for beginning DJs and parties
  • 2 channels, 6 inputs
  • 2 line inputs per channel (laptop/MP3 player/CD player) via RCA
  • 1 phono input per channel (turntable) via RCA
  • headphone output and microphone input via front-mounted 1/4" jack plug
  • DJ microphone with volume control
  • adjustable headphone volume, plus cue function
  • volume fader, 2-band EQ and gain per channel
  • input switch per channel (line/CD/phono)
  • master output via RCA (for speaker set)
  • record output via RCA (for recording mixes)
  • smooth crossfader for mixing two channels
  • adjustable master volume
  • LED VU meter per channel
  • power indicator LED
  • signal/noise ratio: > 70 dB
  • frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • distortion: <0.025%


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