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Numark M101 USB Total Black mixer DJ a 2 canali

Disponibilità online:
€ 109,00 (incl. 22% IVA)
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Numark M101 USB Total Black mixer DJ a 2 canali Codice prodotto: 9000-0013-7928 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


With the M101 Total Black USB mixer, Numark has created a mobile solution for scratching DJs. You can connect it to your turntables and CD players, as well as your digital audio equipment. The inclusion of a USB port increases the range of options of this user-friendly mixer even more. To please the eye as well, the compact M101 has a rugged matte black finish.

Numark M101 USB: more options thanks to a USB port

Any DJ who works with a laptop will welcome the possibility of a USB connection. Without the use of an external sound card or interface, you can now access your entire music library. Additionally, you can use the M101 USB in combination with your DJ software, so you can mix digitally. Add a turntable to the mix, and you have yourself a truly hybrid analogue/digital setup. Feel free to experiment! You can also use your laptop to record your best mixes and share them online with your friends.

Functional thanks to a simple design

Numark has obviously put some thought into the layout of the control panel of the M101 USB. The knobs and the crossfader have been placed far apart, so there is no chance of inadvertently hitting the wrong controls - ideal for intense scratching sessions. The front of the mixer is fitted with connectors for headphones and a microphone. The mixer has a separate channel with a 3-band equalizer for the latter - great if you want to interact with the crowd during your sets. In short, the Numark M101 USB Total Black offers many options in a compact, solid housing. As such, both beginning and more advanced DJs will certainly be able to appreciate this feisty 2-channel mixer.



  • Numero dei canali di linea 2
  • Audio via USB 1 canale
  • Uscita booth no
  • Curva del crossfader regolabile no
  • Assegnazione del crossfader no
  • Effetti no
  • Funzione EQ kill no
  • EQ canali di linea a 2 bande
  • Fader start supportato no
  • Dimensioni del mixer DJ 12''
  • Colore nero
  • Canale Master 1 knob
  • Canale Master 2 non applicabile
  • Ingresso microfono
  • I/O MIDI no
  • Posizione dell'uscita cuffie davanti
  • Posizione dell'ingresso microfono davanti
  • Kit rackmount disponibile sì, integrato
  • Uscita Rec/Booth nessuna
  • Tipo di uscita cuffie jack 6,35 mm
  • Tipo di ingresso microfono jack 6,35 mm
Alimentatore di corrente spina europea piatta senza messa a terra

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 3,2 kg
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 36,0 x 33,0 x 18,0 cm


  • compact 2-channel DJ mixer
  • designed for intensive use by (scratch) DJs
  • fitted with a USB port for connection to a PC or laptop
  • USB input is sent to channel 2
  • practically positioned faders, other controls won't get in your way
  • well-organised layout with clear overview
  • control section with a black design
  • 2-band EQ per channel
  • headphones controls (CUE mixer and CUE gain)
  • microphone controls (gain, treble, bass)
  • master volume control
  • fader per channel
  • input switch per channel (phono/line or USB for channel 2)
  • smooth, replaceable crossfader
  • compact design
  • phono/line inputs via RCA
  • master output via RCA
  • microphone input via 6.35mm jack plug
  • headphone output via 6.35mm jack plug
  • equipped with rack ears for flight case mounting


Per questo prodotto non ci sono ancora recensioni.

Pacchetto convenienza

Numark M101 USB Total Black + Numark TT250USB + 2x Ortofon Concorde Pro Single + Numark HF350

Codice prodotto: 9000-0021-4501
  • Numark M101 USB Total Black mixer DJ a 2 canali
  • Numark TT250USB giradischi digitale
  • Ortofon Concorde Pro Single 2x
  • Numark HF350  cuffie DJ over-ear
Prezzo normale € 591,00
Prezzo pacchetto convenienza € 552,00
Risparmio € 39,00

Numark M101 USB Total Black + UDG

Codice prodotto: 9000-0030-2527
  • Numark M101 USB Total Black mixer DJ a 2 canali
  • UDG cover nera per lettore CD e mixer (singola)
Prezzo normale € 119,58
Prezzo pacchetto convenienza € 119,00
Risparmio € 0,58

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