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Per la gestione di effetti luminosi questo Showtec RP-405 MKII è davvero molto pratico! Opera attraverso 4 relais che possono interfacciarsi anche con elementi a bassa tensione, quindi risulta ideale per l'illuminazione LED.
€ 85,00
The BeamZ 4-channel DMX004DII switch pack is equipped with 4 Schuko outputs and is designed for switching 230V equipment. It has 16 built-in programs for standalone mode and can also be controlled via DMX.
€ 119,00

Reliable switchpack with 4 channels. Maximum total capacity of 16 Amp, 5 Amp per channel.

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€ 128,00
Four outputs, four DMX channels and four times the option to switch 230V devices. That's the ERX-4, used for music-driven light effects and effect machines.
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€ 101,00
The Switchpack II by Magic FX is an excellent tool to switch equipment on or off in a completely safe manner via DMX. It's equipped with a Safety Channel that leaves all other DMX channels alone.
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€ 744,00
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