Gemini GMX Drive sistema controller media

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Gemini GMX Drive sistema controller media Codice prodotto: 9000-0009-1982


This is the one-fits-all for DJs who want to use many different music formats. This device is great for accurately controlling your DJ software but its true strength is that it is equipped with two CD players and a USB port to play music straight from a USB drive so you don't need a computer. Gemini already made many different controllers and each and every one of them is another nifty addition to their DJ arsenal. Thanks to its great versatility, the GMX Drive is no different.

Gemini GMX Drive: multiple personalities

This controller/media player sets itself apart from the others by its immense format-playing capabilities and the option to scratch, loop, change pitch and apply filters. Connect the GMX to your computer and you can do even more with it: create hot cues, samples and link them to the sample pads. These pads can also be used to control effects or filters, by the way. The mixer section on this machine can be used as a hardware mixer for the internal media players, or as a MIDI controller that'll vastly expand your performing options.

The incredibly portable Gemini GMX Drive

As the GMX Drive is equipped with an internal sound card, all you additionally need is a computer for a great performance. Everything you need is right there - in high quality - in this incredibly versatile device. What's more, its stand-alone functionality allows you to continue even when your computer gives up the ghost.

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  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 5,0 kg
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 61,0 x 36,0 x 13,0 cm
  • Software incluso Virtual DJ LE
  • Compatibile con il sistema operativo Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows
  • Dotato di interfaccia audio
  • Alimentato via USB no
  • Tipo di uscita cuffie mini jack 3,5 mm, jack 6,35 mm
  • Uscita booth
  • Colore nero
  • Numero di deck 4 deck - mixer a 2 canali (commutabili)
  • Piatti motorizzati
  • Numero di tasti Sample per deck 8
  • Numero di tasti Hot cue per deck 2
  • Jog wheel illuminate no
  • Ingressi analogici
  • Uscita Rec/Booth uscita Booth
  • Tipo di ingresso microfono jack 6,35 mm
Alimentatore di corrente spina europea piatta senza messa a terra


  • DJ media controller system
  • decks: 4 (switchable)
  • CD players: 2mixer: 2 channels with dedicated 3-band EQ and filter controller
  • 2x 8 sample pads
  • USB: mass storage port 
  • compatible with: MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF
  • jog wheels: 2x, 14 bits, touch-sensitive
  • adjustable pitch shift with master tempo control and BPM lock
  • controller resolution: 14 bits
  • MIDI mapping: the entire controller can be programmed at will, online MIDI maps available
  • built-in sound card: 24 bits (PC/Mac)
  • display: clear, high-contrast
  • input: microphone (6.3mm jack)
  • output: master output (2x RCA, 2x XLR) with separate volume control
  • headphones output: 3.5mm jack, 6.3mm jack
  • including Virtual DJ and VCASE software


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Gemini GMX Drive media controller system combination discount 3

Codice prodotto: 9000-0009-1990
  • Gemini GMX Drive sistema controller media
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  • Procab CLA850 cavo 2x RCA maschio - 2x RCA femmina 5 m
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Codice prodotto: 9000-0009-1988
  • Gemini GMX Drive sistema controller media
  • Devine PRO 2000 cuffie monitor
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