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Pioneer DAS-RCA020R cavo stereo analogico RCA - RCA 2 m

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Pioneer DAS-RCA020R cavo stereo analogico RCA - RCA 2 m Codice prodotto: P-DAS-RCA020R Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


As a professional DJ or producer you probably own a number of expensive mixers/processors and other audio equipment. Naturally, you'll want to ensure an optimal audio transmission by using the best available cables. Pioneer have developed the DAS-RCA020R especially for you! This high-quality, isolated and flexible RCA-RCA cable is equipped with rugged and durable connectors. It is ideal for live DJ applications and for use in the studio.

DAS-RCA020R: interference-proof and crystal clear signal transfers
The specially braided shielding of the cable prevents any interference from nearby electrical sources, while the exterior cable net filters out any noise caused by adjacent cables. The result is a crystal clear and interference-proof audio signal with an excellent response from low, mid and high-range frequencies. Choose the Pioneer DAS-RCA020R analogue stereo RCA-RCA cable for a natural sound.

Practical and reliable
The ultra-supple, neoprene rubber sheathing prevents any unnecessary pressure on the connectors and adds additional flexibility. The cable is fitted with a strong cable net for additional protection. Thanks to the high-grade, gold-plated RCA connectors with screw-type Collet chuck, a solid and reliable connection is ensured. Whether you are a producer in a studio or a DJ on stage, your professional setup is not complete without the Pioneer DAS-RCA020R.



  • Lunghezza 2,00 m
  • Maschio / femmina maschio - maschio
  • Connettore a pipa no

Il peso e le dimensioni sono da considerarsi imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 500 gr


- analogue stereo RCA cable
- length: 2 metres
- code: 6N-CU (99,9999%), 1 core with shielding
- exterior diameter: 6.5 mm
- conductor: 6N-CU (99.9999%), 20/0.18 mm (shield: TA 0.12 mm)
- connectors: RCA, brass + black nickel and gold plate, φ13.5 mm x 51 mm
- outer sheathing: neoprene + cable net for additional protection against damage
- terminal: brass + gold plate
- manufactured in Japan


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