Klotz SC1-SP05SW cavo speaker speakON - jack 5 m

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Klotz SC1-SP05SW cavo speaker speakON - jack 5 m Codice prodotto: KL-SC1-SP05SW
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Leave nothing to chance with the Klotz SC1-SP05SW Neutrik speakON 2p - jack 2p 5 metres speaker cable. The practical Neutrik speakON connector provides a locked connection between guitar amplifier and cabinet. Enjoy interference-proof, crystal clear signal transfers with the ultra-rugged Klotz SC1-SP05SW speaker cable.

Klotz SC1-SP05SW speaker cable: Neutrik speakON connector
The Klotz SC1-SP05SW speaker cable can be connected in no time at all. The high-grade Neutrik connector with quick-lock mechanism is easily and effortlessly locked. This speakON connector is the industry standard for connecting speakers and amplifiers. The design is both rugged and safe, and highly user-friendly.

Speaker cable with flexible sheathing
The Klotz SC1-SP05SW is fitted with a highly flexible sheathing. Even after frequent coiling and uncoiling, the cable retains its original shape. There is no need to worry about any annoying kinks and twists. With the user-friendly Klotz SC1-SP05SW everything runs along smoothly.

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I cavi speaker Klotz sono disponibili in diverse lunghezze e con diversi connettori, quindi troverete sempre una soluzione su misura.



  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 250 gr
  • Dimensioni (imballaggio incluso) 30,0 x 20,0 x 3,0 cm
  • Tipo di connettore audio jack 6,3 mm TS, connettore speaker con blocco 2p
  • Lunghezza 5,00 m
  • Tipo di cavo cavo speaker, cavo speaker per amplificatore da chitarra / basso, cavo adattatore
  • Maschio / femmina maschio - femmina


- rugged and accurate speaker cable
- high-grade Neutrik speakON connectors with quick-lock
- cable length: 5 metres
- conductor gauge: 2x 1.5 mm²
- connectors: 1x Neutrik speakON 2p., 1x jack plug 2p., 6.35 mm


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