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Cable Accessories & Parts

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Informazioni su Cable Accessories & Parts

Every sound engineer, light engineer, producer, DJ or musician who wants to hide, mark, protect or even repair their cables will find what they need in the Cable Accessories & Parts category at Bax Music.

Hiding and marking cables

In situations where lots of cables are used (recording studios and concert stages, for instance), good cable management is essential. Hiding or at least marking cables lowers the risk that people will fall over them and makes them easier to manage. It also looks much more professional too, of course. We've got Cable Ties, Gaffer Tape, Cable Covers & Protection, and products for Cable Coding & Marking.

Making and repairing cables

If you want to make or repair your own cables, we've got everything you need too. First choose the cable type, an audio cable or a power cable, for instance. There you'll find cables that can be bought per metre or roll as well as different types of plugs. Then you can choose other things you might need including Soldering Irons & Accessories, PVC Tape and Crimping Pliers.