Yamaha DTX400K set batteria elettronica

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The Yamaha DTX series is a fixture within the digital drum industry. This DTX400K is an entry-level kit, but that term doesn't really do any justice to the excellent sound quality and capabilities of this Yamaha product. Thanks to the many years that went into developing and building expertise over at Yamaha, you get to benefit from the combination of a low price and a compact, high-quality digital drum set. Furthermore, with this package you get a Pearl D-790 drum throne and a set of Vic Firth 5A drumsticks with the DTX400K.

DTX400K: the kit

Despite the slight measurements of this kit (it can easily fit in a bedroom, for example) playing full-fledged drum parts is definitely possible. A snare, three toms, two cymbals, a hi-hat and two pedals ensure that you get the complete drumming experience. The sound module makes use of Yamaha's tried and true sample technology and offers 169 drum sounds that react to the dynamics in your playing, so your rock grooves sound totally different than your emotional ballads, for instance.


A training function is available for those aspiring drummers who want to build up their technique. There are a number of different interactive practice functions at your fingertips, including Groove Check, for example, which checks how tightly you're staying with the beat, and Measure Break, which turns off the metronome from time to time so you can test your rhythm. Playing along with your favourite tracks is an option as well, thanks to the aux input, which you can use to connect your MP3 player. This set makes it put a complete digital drumming setup right in your bedroom.  



  • Numero di piatti (hi-hat escluso) 2
  • Numero di tom 3
  • Pedale cassa incluso
  • Piatti inclusi
  • Sgabello incluso
  • Bacchette incluse
  • Cuffie incluse no
  • Rack incluso
  • Speaker integrati no
  • Pad con pelle mesh no
  • Uso come acustico no
  • Tipo di batteria elettronica compatta
Alimentatore di corrente spina europea piatta senza messa a terra

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 22,3 kg


1x Yamaha DTX400K

  • digital drum kit
  • colour: black - silver grey
  • complete drum set suited for various styles
  • ideal for beginners
  • newly developed pads
  • large cymbals
  • new, silent bass drum pedal
  • sturdy steel rack system

Drums, pedals and cymbals:

  • non-slip rubber surfaces
  • bass drum/bass drum pedal: KU100 Silent Kick
  • snare: 7.5-inch pad
  • hi-hat: 10-inch pad
  • hi-hat pedal/2nd bass drum pedal: opened, closed and foot functionality
  • tom 1: 7.5-inch pad
  • tom 2: 7.5-inch pad
  • floor tom: 7.5-inch pad
  • crash cymbal: 10 inch
  • ride cymbal: 10 inch

Drum module DTX400:

  • 169 high-quality drum sounds
  • polyphony: 32 voices
  • 9 reverb types
  • apps for iPad and iPhone are separately available for drum training
  • recordings of real drums, cymbals and percussion
  • 23 snares, 21 kicks, 36 toms, 31 cymbals, 16 hi-hats, 42 percussion instruments
  • various types of drums, such as standard, jazz, rock, electronic
  • timbre of the dynamic instruments changes in accordance with the force of your hits
  • 10 pre-composed drum kits (can be overwritten)
  • metronome (various rhythms)
  • 10 play-along practise songs (can be replaced with new songs via USB)
  • 10 interactive practise functions incl: Voice Guidance
  • triggers (3.5 mm stereo mini-jack): snare, 3 toms, ride, crash, hi-hat + ctrl, kick/pad
  • USB (B) connector (MIDI control and uploading songs/beats)
  • AUX input (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • headphone output (6.3mm stereo jack)
  • dimensions: 240 x 188 x 68 mm
  • weight: 0.5 kg
  • power adapter included

1x Pearl D-790 drumkruk

  • practical drum throne
  • comfortable round seat
  • stepless height adjustment
  • stable, double-braced, wide legs
  • ultra-solid and durable construction

1x Vic Firth 5A drum stick

  • hickory 5A with wooden tip
  • type: 5A with wooden teardrop-shaped tip
  • all-round character
  • comes with 2
  • wood type: hickory
  • length: 16 inches
  • diameter: 14 mm


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