Roland TD-30K set batteria elettronica

Roland TD-30K set batteria elettronica Codice prodotto: 9000-0005-9232 Termini di garanzia: Su questo prodotto avrete una garanzia di 3 anni.


Digital drumming has quickly evolved over recent years: both sample quality and general playing experience have improved significantly. This TD-30K drum kit, which is part of Roland's popular TD series, is a prime example. It offers a wide range of drum sounds, generated by the TD-30 drum module, and its mesh heads ensure an ultra-realistic playing experience. This set offers a very complete package, consisting of a drum kit, a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat stand, a drum throne, a pair of drum sticks and a pair of headphones.

TD-30K: SuperNATURAL technology

Roland's SuperNATURAL sound technology is not just used for synthesizers, but delivers realistic, high-quality drum sounds as well. The various components of your kit are reproduced by means of modelling, featuring an impressive dynamic range. The module enables you to control various microphone settings and the reverb, which means you can adjust the sound of your kit to your preferences. The V-Edit interface offers extensive programming options which allow you to let your creativity run free, creating your own drum kits.

Complete set

Purchase this well-equipped drum kit set, and you are all set to start drumming. It provides everything you need. In addition to a drum kit, the set contains a Gibraltar hi-hat stand and a Gibraltar bass drum pedal. Both are solidly built and can be easily adjusted. A pleasant seat is provided by the height-adjustable Pearl D-790 with its comfortable round cushion. The included Vic Firth 5A drum sticks allow you to get started right away, while the Roland RH-5 headphones adequately reproduce your drumming without bothering your neighbours.



  • Numero di piatti (hi-hat escluso) 3
  • Numero di tom 3
  • Pedale cassa incluso
  • Piatti inclusi
  • Sgabello incluso
  • Bacchette incluse
  • Cuffie incluse
  • Rack incluso
  • Speaker integrati no
  • Pad con pelle mesh sì, rullante + tom
  • Uso come acustico no
  • Tipo di batteria elettronica full size

Peso e dimensioni imballaggio incluso

  • Peso (imballaggio incluso) 48,9 kg


1x Roland TD-30K V-Drums V-Pro batteria elettronica

  • V-Pro series professional electronic drum kit
  • ideal for studio recordings
  • equipped with TD-30 Drum Sound Module
  • V-Drums V-Edit interface
  • powered by SuperNATURAL modelling technology
  • ultra-sensitive, expressive and highly accurate for a life-like playing experience
  • Ambience fader with overhead microphones and spatial simulation
  • 1,100 instruments and 100 drum kits, fully programmable
  • toms: 3x PDX-100 V-Pad, 10" mesh head, can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • snare: PD-125BK V-Pad
  • kick: KD-120BK V-Kick
  • hi-hat: VH-11 V-Hi-Hat
  • cymbals: CY-12C, CY-13R and CY-15R V-Cymbals
  • rack: MDS-12V, with internal cable management system

1x Gibraltar 5707 hi-hat stand

  • series: 5700
  • drive type: direct pull
  • professional quality at an affordable price
  • medium weight
  • adjustable in height from 63.5 to 91.5 cm
  • Super Lock height adjustment with ABS tube insert and memory lock
  • G Class fast touch foot board
  • SC-4421D universal hi-hat clutch
  • double-braced legs for maximum stability
  • round rubber feet for optimal grip
  • steplessly adjustable spring tension
  • black, die-cast frame
  • rotatable legs for use with a double bass drum pedal
  • durable, double chrome layer
  • tube diameter: 2.54 cm and 2.22 cm
  • weight: 3.3 kg

1x Gibraltar 5711S single bass drum pedal

  • series: 5700
  • drive: single chain
  • neat and simple design with a quick response
  • G Class fast touch foot board
  • dual surface 90 gm weighted beater
  • action and balance are provided by a single chain and ball bearing
  • adjustable spring tension
  • die-cast frame with a black structured finish
  • stable stabiliser plate with Velcro strips for additional surface grip
  • bass drum connection adjustable with a standard drum key

1x Pearl D-790 sgabello per batteria

  • practical drum throne
  • comfortable round seat
  • stepless height adjustment
  • stable, double-braced, wide legs
  • ultra-solid and durable construction

1x Vic Firth 5A drum sticks

  • hickory 5A with wooden tip
  • supplied per two pieces
  • type: 5A with wooden teardrop-shaped tip
  • all-round character
  • wood type: hickory
  • length: 16 inch
  • diameter: 14 mm

1x Roland RH-5 cuffie 

  • headphones for studio applications and musicians
  • natural audio reproduction
  • 40mm speakers
  • lightweight
  • closed, dynamic construction
  • sensitivity: 92 dB/mW
  • maximum input capacity: 1000 mW
  • impedance: 32 Ohm
  • frequency range: 10 to 22,000 Hz
  • weight (cord not included): 190 grams


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