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Meditation & Sound Therapy Instruments

Informazioni su Meditation & Sound Therapy Instruments

Sound therapy is a specific form of alternative therapy with a focus on releasing tension and maintaining balance and harmony of self. Sound therapy shouldn't be confused with music therapy which uses the making of music as a way of dealing with emotional or social problems. Sound therapy, or sound massage goes deeper than this and could be described as a little more spiritual since it has some roots in the Buddhist tradition. Forms of mindfullness, meditation and sometimes yoga are included in sound therapy sessions. While sound therapy has a reputation in the West for being a little 'airy-fairy' or just a fad with no provable effects, a lot of research has already offered evidence that it actually works. It's a genuine physical fact that all matter in the universe, including ourselves, has a unique vibrational frequency and the theory behind sound therapy is that this frequency can get disrupted, leaving you feeling uncomfortable within yourself. By undertaking sound therapy, the aim is to restore the natural frequency of your body. Since our bodies are largely made of water, it is easy to create particular vibrations that can restore its natural frequency and a number of different instruments are used to achieve this. Singing bowls are the most well known instrument and are often used at specific chakra points of the body while hand drums and shaman drums are also regularly used. Other instruments used for sound therapy include gongs, tuning forks, temple bells, handpans, tongue drums, tingshas, rain sticks, ocean drums, chimes, didgeridoos, kalimbas (or thumb pianos) and udus. All of these instruments can be found under our Meditation & Sound Therapy Instruments section.